A CHUMS-way to promote carpool

Students racing towards the carpoolcar

In February Mpact started her last carpool promotion campaign before further upscaling. This time though the communicational approach was set up on a brilliant, but simple idea: “Due to change in course schedule or location (of campus) students might have lost their carpoolbuddy. So why not find a new one?”

The basic information booth (which guarantees great visibility), needed to be set up in a way that would really attract students. Hence grew the idea of hosting a mini-race-game in which the competitors first needed to fill out a survey (brilliant for collecting MyPTP- or after-data) before entering the competition: A crazy ride with racing toys to silly mini-prices!


Carpool promotion week UCLL

Laughter was heard, fists were waved, yet prices neatly shared… And hopefully no friendships were ruined…

With the relocation of students to the new campus Proximus next school year, it was also a perfect timing to promote the personalized travel advice. So hosting an information booth was an excellent way to persuade students in asking about their best travel options to the new site.


Tips and tricks in reaching the student

  • Get your communication in line with the target group to reach them and select the best communication channels. Students are overwhelmed with information: find a way to stand out.
  • Have student council or the local student association promote your carpooling scheme. They know how to reach fellow students with their communication. Also find a way to collaborate with their student activities: safe-driver-carpool for parties, hand out freebies or nice extras for carpoolers at the annual carwash, or suggest a drive-in cinema night.
  • Find a fun, funky or even silly thing to do at your information booth. Whether it is a mini-apéro on an empty parking spot, a fun racing game or a 1 minute speeddate session to find a carpoolmatch in heaven, it has proven effective to deliver something more than just your carpool information to get students interested in your booth. Now you have time to fully promote the carpool option with students hanging around your booth.

Upscaling the CHUMS-measures at Colruyt Group

In April Mpact has hosted its first carpoolweek in the upscaling phase at Colruyt Group, with its 25.000 employees, one of the biggest companies in Belgium. Hurah, congrats to us!

“At Colruyt Group we already have lots of carpoolers”, explains mobility coordinator Michiel Binnard. “In 2015 this concerned 1739 employees. Unfortunately, many carpoolers do not realize they also can claim a fiscal advantage. Employees who carpool 2 to 3 times a week, could benefit from this fiscal advantage”.


Carpool promotion week Colruyt Group

That’s why Colruyt Group and Mpact hosted an info-market-roadshow that focused on explaining the matching software carpool.be with registration calendar (MyMobiCalendar) to the Colruyt employees. We ended up visiting 6 different Colruyt sites to help employees sign up in the software. And hey, if you need to listen to us for 5 minutes, we take good care of you! So we made sure to spoil the employees with great goodies: mintpots, stickers, apéro …

A few weeks after the carpool week there will be a draw of 5 Collishop cheques (of €40 value each): every employee registered in and actively using the carpool.be software for Colruyt Group has a chance to win this wonderful price. (We have 2 winners to announce this week, the other 3 will follow shortly after to keep the carpool momentum going.)

Hopefully this will make some carpoolers over joyous and will keep the rest in the carpool lane!

Good luck!