About Mpact


Mpact works on a more efficient and accessible mobility system based on the principle ‘do more with less’. We want more energy efficiency, inclusion, social cohesion, … and less traffic jams, emissions, costs, …

More efficient also means more sustainable. If you share a ride by carpooling, you take a car off the road. You reduce pollution and CO2 and create more space on the road, thus decreasing traffic jams.

But it is also more fun and cheaper to share a ride. Therefore, we are not only focused on the ecological aspect, we want to get ‘more’ out of life, and give enough attention to the social added value we create with our services.

To create the maximum social and ecological impact, Mpact follows three pillars: solutions, innovation and policy. These are represented in our logo by the triangle.

Solutions: we develop and launch our own services. A few examples are Carpool, MobiCalendar, Less Mobile Services, homesitting and home exchange. Our daughter company cambio is also noteworthy. We make sure our mobility services are connected with other modes of transport – e.g. public transport – and with each other. This integration is possible thanks to multimodal hubs (mobihubs) and Mobility as a Service (Olympus Mobility). We differentiate ourselves from bigger international organisations by focusing on accessibility and a personal relation with our users and customers.

Innovation: we dream out loud and dare to try new things. We look for partners to develop new solutions and to increase the impact of our services, e.g. by connecting them to existing platforms. We answer the call for (inter)national projects to keep innovating and we support new ideas by our partners. Creativity, passion and dare drive this pillar!

Policy: we raise the support for shared and connected mobility, both among the general public and on the political level. We share our expertise and stimulate governments on the local, regional, national and international level to create the necessary policy frameworks to boost shared mobility. We inspire others in order for shared mobility to become mainstream and be connected to public transport, cycling and walking.


By sharing vehicles and connecting modes of transport, Mpact paves the way for an efficient mobility.

Like many experts, Mpact foresees three big changes in mobility: vehicles are becoming more and more automated, they are electrically powered, and we are evolving from individual car ownership and use towards shared mobility.

Electricity will be an important source of power in the future, but greening the fleet will not be the biggest game-changer. The automation of vehicles comes along with pitfalls. It will increase transport efficiency, but we want to avoid autonomous vehicles just getting stuck in traffic jams.

Therefore, our biggest focus is on further developing shared mobility.

Mpact believes that reducing the number of cars and car trips in Belgium is possible. If walking, cycling, collective transport and shared mobility are qualitatively expanded and connected with each other, passenger mobility will become very efficient. Different modes of transport can be connected to each other via infrastructure (mobihubs), multimodal route planning and sales and ticketing (Mobility as a Service).

When the evolution towards self-driving vehicles and shared mobility comes together, we enter a new era of accessible autonomy. This phase is marked by a great efficiency (energy consumption, space usage and cost). Vehicles are used optimally. This aspiration towards efficiency was the incentive for the foundation of Mpact in 1975 and is more relevant today than ever.

However, we never forget that efficiency should be for the benefit of people. Shared mobility increases social cohesion, creates interaction between people and creates the possibility for less mobile people to be part of the social and mobile fabric.

While the market will rather focus on a commercially interesting majority, Mpact will therefore always work on technology that connects people. Within a landscape characterized by big international platforms, we keep on creating local added value and reaching out to specific target groups.

Mpact is a non-profit organisation and therefore does not pursue profit. The impact on people and the environment is what drives us.