DREAMS (Driving Equitable and Accessible 15 Minute Neighbourhood Transformations) is a project in which Mpact and more than 20 European partners explore how we can make the urban outskirts of 6 European cities more accessible, inclusive and sustainable. We do this by co-creating shared mobility services and mobility hubs that are tailored to local needs. 

Project Description

Throughout the project, we combine theory with practical insights from the Living Labs in Brussels, Budapest, Munich, Paris, Utrecht, and Vienna. Among others, the universities, non-profits, public authorities and shared mobility providers involved in the project:

  • analyze how the business models of carsharing, carpooling and shared micromobility providers can be adapted to the urban periphery, which is characterized by lower demand than the city center;
  • develop a Decision Support Tool that shows how adding or reorganizing mobility solutions influences residents’ travel patterns and mode choice;
  • generate policy recommendations that contribute to sustainable and inclusive shared mobility in the urban outskirts.

Mpact’s role

Mpact is actively involved in the Brussels Living Lab, where we focus on inclusive mobility. Together with people who cannot afford owning a car and less mobile elderly people, we investigate how shared mobility services can be adapted to their particular needs. Two of our services play a role in this, namely Mobitwin (our pool of volunteers transporting less mobile citizens) and Cozywheels (our vehicle sharing service). In the Brussels Living Lab, Mpact collaborates closely with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, cambio Brussels and Brussels Mobility. 

Mpact also coordinates the research towards new business models, pricing strategies, and governance frameworks for shared mobility in the urban periphery. Our main partners for this are the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

About the consortium

The DREAMS project is coordinated by the University of Twente, consists of 15 core partners and 14 associated partners from Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and Hungary. You can read more about the project on the DREAMS website.

Funded by the Brussels-Capital Region – Innoviris.