SHARE-North Squared

About the project

SHARE-North Squared (SN²) aims to increase the sustainability, resource and spatial efficiency of real estate developments as well as the affordability of housing by integrating shared mobility as a means of supporting multimodal travel behaviour and for reducing car ownership, car dependency and the demand for parking.

SHARE-North Squared is an Interreg North Sea project co-funded by the European Union. Mpact also receives support from provincie Oost-Vlaanderen. The project was approved in 2022 and runs until 2026. The SN² partners are: City of Bremen (DE), GEWOBA (DE), Mpact (BE), (BE), City of Helsingborg (SE), Lund University (SE), City of Aarhus (DK), Tækker (DK), City of Utrecht (NL), AM (NL), City of Stavanger (NO), Jåttå (NO), Kolumbus (NO), Gustave Eiffel University (FR), City of Mechelen (BE), Housing Mechelen (BE) and Housing Europe (BE).

The role of Mpact

Mpact is the communication partner in SHARE-North Squared. We help ensure that the objectives and results of the project reach the right stakeholders. We increase the impact and turn the project output into policy. Mpact takes care of the website, social media , the newsletter, presence at conferences, printed materials, etc.

Mpact also collaborates on some pilots within the project. We facilitate carpooling in station environments and business parks, and investigate the potential of cargo bike sharing. For the latter, we are work with our service Cozywheels.