Shared & Digital Mobility Hubs

Who are we?

The ‘Shared and Digital Mobility Hubs’ project, or ShareDiMobiHub for short, is an Interreg North Sea Region project that runs from September 2022 until September 2025. It has the ambition to improve urban mobility by introducing and upscaling hubs in various cities and regions around the North Sea. 

The project consists of 13 partners and 4 sub-partners including cities, regional administrations, transport authorities, universities and non-profit organisations from The Netherlands, Flanders, Germany, Denmark and Norway. The Flemish partners are Mpact,, and the City of Leuven.

What are we doing?

The ShareDiMobiHub project contributes to the development of mobility hubs by providing space for shared mobility, through nudging and communication campaigns, and by digitally integrating shared modes in MaaS-applications (Mobility-as-a-Service). Also, this project tests how to engage specific target groups who might be less familiar with the concept of mobility hubs and multimodal travel. 

The partner cities involved in this project are:

  • Skien, Porsgrunn, and Tønsberg in Norway,
  • Rotterdam and Amsterdam in The Netherlands,
  • Leuven in Belgium

ShareDiMobiHub wants to contribute to an increased shared mobility offer in the aforementioned cities as well as to the integration of shared modes into MaaS-applications. Locals, commuters, and visitors will benefit from a smoothened multimodal travel experience because of this project.

What is Mpact’s role?

Mpact assists the partner cities by means of training activities, communication support (such as best practices) and by measuring the impact of hubs. Mpact also provides support related to data standardisation and the integration of transport operators in MaaS-applications via the TOMP-API. 

We are convinced that participating in this project, we will contribute to a mobility system that does ‘more with less’: more connectivity via mobility hubs, more usage of shared modes, more efficient use of data and resources, while simultaneously reducing congestion, pollution, and barriers to multimodally travel.

Would you like to find out more?

Have a look at ShareDiMobiHub’s LinkedIn-page and the Interreg-website