Carpool in MaaS – Olympus

MaaS-application Olympus
The Olympus Mobility platform bundles mobility services and guides the user digitally from A to B.
Via the Olympus app, the user gains access to different mobility modes, which increases the ease of use and the information value. By starting form the Olympus app and billing directly to the employer, the administrative process is reduced for both employer and employee. Carpool is integrated in the Olympus app.

How does it work?
You request a ride or make a ride available to other carpoolers. Via the available rides you get an overview of the carpoolers who can pick you up. After confirmation you will receive a message and you are sure of your transport. You can also arrange the payment afterwards via the app. You can even choose whick budget you link the costs to: expens budget, cafetaria budget, mobility budget or private budget. Very easy and fast!
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