When carpooling gives you good vibes

DSC03084 © zebratales.com

After more than a year of recruiting companies, drafting plans of actions and finally getting carpool promotion done, there are moments I hope to relive many times more.

Because you know it’s worth your while…

…when you’re working alongside an enthusiastic mobility team that sets a motivating goal for their company – “from 29 to 50 carpool teams” for KBC for example – and you competitively would do anything to reach it!


© zebratales.com

…when you’re at an information booth and you ask the question “How do you come to work?” and you get a friendly “yes” or “no”. “Well, of course you came to work today, but we want to know HOW.” Though hilarious miscommunication, it makes an excellent conversation starter.

…when you are able to convince a diehard solo-car-driver to fill out a survey in exchange for delicious chocolate cake.

…when you have the feeling you’re really helping employees. “I only just began to work here and have no clue what my travel options are,” a newbie explained. After drafting her personalized travel plan I wondered if it was any good to her. “It gives me a general overview of how to get to work”, she answered thankfully.

…when someone says she does not need travel advice, because she already comes by bike … over a distance of 20 kilometers … single trip only … while only recently having invested in an electrical bike #RESPECT

…when you thought of the coolest gadgets to hand out to your carpoolers. Yes, check out my CHUMS mint pots or “carpoolers-on-board”-stickers… “So proud”.

© zebratales.com

© zebratales.com

…when you hear employees chuckle when you offer them a piece of candy to “lure” a colleague in the carpool car. Or when you hand them the invitation card that wants to share more than just a ride: “a sweet high five, yesterday’s paper, a pizza party?”

…when mapping out the carpool potential on a road map, by employees passing by, turns out to be quite successful. An extremely useful counterargument for “there is no one coming my way”.

…when an employee genuinely thanks you for being there to promote carpooling, starts pointing out other colleagues who come by car and helps you recruit solo-car-drivers.

…when winners from the mobility jackpot are happy with their price. Thank you sponsors!

(Or is that because they get 3 kisses from me?)

© zebratales.com

© zebratales.com

…when even colleagues at Mpact start checking out the gift baskets and wonder whether or not they could conquer one as well. FYI Dear colleagues, my negotiation terms start at 50 cookies, a well performed shoulder massage and choosing the radio station for a day…

…when you check your statistics of carpool subscriptions and you are able to point out the exact points at which you had a promotional activity. Speaking of a PEAK performance 😉

So when you see one of our carpool experts at an information booth, remember …

  • To drop by and just say “hello”. We are not allowed to bite car-drivers 🙂
  • To take 5 minutes to listen, to fill out a survey, and of course, to get a little thank-you-gift. (Psst, I’ll usually hand out cake or cookies.)
  • That your feedback is gold to us. So let us know what’s up.
  • To let us look back at a well performed information booth and just make our day!

Sooo, I’ll catch you next time?

An experience brought to you by Mpact and CHUMS.